Monday, April 28, 2014

New York Assembly Votes to Authorize Speed Cameras bring total to 140 in NYC

New York Assembly Votes to Authorize Speed Cameras

The Assembly voted Monday to authorize more speed cameras for New York City, as well as Nassau and Suffolk County.
If the bill becomes law, it would bring the total number of speed cameras in New York City to 140. The legislation limits the operation of speed cameras to school zones.
Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has made reducing pedestrian fatalities a cornerstone of his administration, issued a statement that said the Assembly's vote brought the city "one step closer to the expansion of school slow zones throughout our city where we can install speed cameras, allowing us to protect our children and make our streets safer. This bill will truly save lives."
Currently, New York City is allowed to operate 20 speed cameras, although as of earlier this month only five were up and running. That handful of cameras has issued more than 12,000 speeding tickets since becoming operational in mid-January.
The Assembly's vote comes amidst a growing drumbeat of dissatisfaction from local legislators over how much control Albany maintains over city streets. In two days, the City Council is scheduled to hold a marathon hearing on nearly two dozen traffic safety items, including a resolution urging New York State to give the city the authority to reduce its speed limit.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has said he supports the bill. No word yet on whether a vote has been scheduled in the state Senate.

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