Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dream City by Steven Siegel

Loved this Steven Siegel 1980s dreamscape especially the graffiti covered subway cars and the film score. Today everybody's nose would be so buried into their smartphones no one would notice.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Age of Hypocrisy Dies with Obama's White House

The Age of Hypocrisy Dies with Obama's White House | Trigtent

"We've seen how disinformation can spread so easily online. Anything can become viral and spread out of control. These made up stories by the Post will appear before millions of people around the world; they will believe it regardless of their validity. The retractions will not get the same kind of exposure.

So the Post has more incentive to lie than tell the truth.

We are now living in an age where real journalism is no longer needed. Papers can spread open lies, get the clicks and ad dollars they want, and not even pay for their crimes."

Prospect Park celebrates 150 years

Prospect Park opened to the public in 1867.Prospect Park celebrates 150 years with events, renovations | am New York

A Brooklyn without a Prospect Park? Fuggedaboutit.
Brooklynites are ringing in the new year just as Prospect Park, the borough’s crown jewel, is ramping up to celebrate 150 years as a place to relax, play and experience nature. In fact, the sprawling 526-plus acre green space still serves many of the same functions it was originally designed for.
Created before Brooklyn was officially part of New York City, Prospect Park was designed and constructed from 1865 to 1895 by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux — who also designed Central Park. The park, which opened to the public in 1867 before construction was complete, was designed for many of the same things it’s used for today.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Gino Bartali, Italian Cycling Legend, Saved Jews During WWII

Gino Bartali, Italian Cycling Legend, Saved Jews During WWII; Subject Of New Book: Road To Valor | The Huffington Post

Published in 2012 but an inspiring story for any era.

Kerry’s Rage Against Israel

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry defends the Obama administrations decision on Israeli settlements during an address at the State Department in Washington, DC., Dec. 28.Kerry’s Rage Against Israel - WSJ

John Kerry delivered a marathon speech Wednesday excoriating Israel for its settlements policy, and we hear Israeli TV stations dropped the live broadcast after the first half-hour. Who can blame them? If Israelis don’t feel the need to sit through another verbal assault from the soon to be former Secretary of State, it’s because they live in a reality he shows no evidence of comprehending.

Iconic NYC deli shuts down

Iconic NYC deli, a lure for tourists, shuts down - The Boston Globe

After 79 years of serving up heaps of cured meat to tourists, theater patrons, and workaday New Yorkers, the Carnegie Delicatessen sliced its last ridiculously oversized sandwich on Friday.
Fans lined up all week for a last bite at the restaurant, which got a star turn in Woody Allen’s 1984 film ‘‘Broadway Danny Rose.’’ The delicatessen remained a stop until the end for out-of-towners looking for the classic New York deli experience.

Cuomo ignores plea to put brakes on unpopular traffic changes

Cuomo ignores DeBlasio’s plea to put brakes on unpopular traffic changes, pol says • Brooklyn Paper

Gov. Cuomo steam-rolled Mayor DeBlasio and the city’s Department of Transportation by ignoring their request to postpone unpopular traffic changes to Ocean Parkway, a local pol says.

City officials asked the state, which controls the parkway, to hold off banning turns onto select avenues until it could take feedback from locals, but Cuomo paid the pleas no heed, according to Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D–Midwood), who kvetched about it on Twitter last week.

“Was just told that @NYCMayor & @NYC_DOT Commissioner requested to postpone Ocean Parkway traffic changes BUT were ignored by Gov! Not right!” he tweeted on Dec. 16.