Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Images

Please select the above "Sandy" tab to link to a photo library of images from Hurricane Sandy and recovery and relief efforts.  The photos include Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Ocean Parkway.

Workers in protective clothing enter a ruined Coney Island Emergency room.

Leaving MCU Park with goods while others wait on long lines for their turn.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz joins some of our youngest volunteers today. Sadly the young girl on the left lost her home to Sandy in Belle Harbor but she wanted to come to Coney Island to help others whose lives were also upended by the storm. These kids were awesome.

Endless lines at MCU park in Coney Island where an army of volunteers distribute truckloads of donated clothing and food to residents of this ravaged community. A long day among wonderful people who are making a difference. We live in a great city

Damaged Sheepshead Bay footbridge to Manhattan Beach.

Trees fell on the memorial stones of the Holocaust Memorial Park but seemed to survive intact.

Seniors fighting for applications to get money to replace spoiled food
Flooded and abandoned cars are towed away over two weeks after Sandy struck.

Water line below mural on Brighton Beach Avenue and Ocean Parkway
Dance and Music Shop on Surf Avenue discards damaged piano with other trash.
Lago Furniture worked hard to reopen but the water line where the ocean slammed onto Surf Avenue remains.

Coney Island Hospital emergency room is on life support

Grimaldi's Pizza of Coney Island after Sandy's unwelcome visit

Water line just north of Brighton Beach Avenue

Small stores on Neptune Avenue lost much.
Small bungalos in Brighton Beach suffered.
Trees knocked down onto Ocean Parkway homes

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