Friday, November 16, 2012

Sandy reveals deeper issues

Each day the line of people snaking through the MCU parking lot out onto Surf Avenue waiting to pick up donated goods made me wonder. As the issues of Sandy fade(power, heat, water) why do the lines still grow each day. I believe that the issue in the Coney Island community has more to do with chronic poverty and the pressing needs of people who are living on such a razor thin edge and not just a sudden collapse because of a rare weather phenomenon. In some of the areas affected on LI, SI, parts of the Rockaways it was the storm. In Coney Island and other parts of the Rockaways it was a lethal combination of the storm and deep-rooted poverty. Sandy tipped over that fragile lifeboat, The waters will recede in time but the sands of poverty will remain where every tomorrow is still uncertain.

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