Sunday, March 18, 2012


Chin up. I love dogs who know how to pose.

Looking north from Avenue Y on the Ocean Parkway bike path.
The wedding cake building located on Avenue Y and Coney Island Avenue
Freaky and disturbing.
Took a walk around Neptune Avenue in Brighton and found this gem. Wouldn't this make a great movie set? Even the Balcony scene in West Side Story. "Tonight"
"Te adoro Antone...te adoro Maria." 

Located on Brighton 3rd street off Neptune Avenue in Brighton Beach

Neptune Avenue in Brighton Beach
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Washed Away

Paint drippings stain the boardwalk

Sky on fire. Some will see a new dawn...some will see nuclear desolation. 
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Another way home after grocery shopping.

 This photo was taken of one of the boards on the boardwalk after a very misty evening. There must have been some oil residue on the board to create the colors. I took the pic looking straight down 
Boardwalking on a wet foggy morning. Now if she were only holding a red umbrella.
Getting ready for opening day
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