Saturday, April 26, 2014

Brooklyn Intersection Plagued By Red Light Runners « CBS New York (VIDEO)

Brooklyn Intersection Plagued By Red Light Runners « CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Red means stop, but at one traffic light in Brooklyn some drivers are just going right on by.
As CBS 2′s Dave Carlin reported exclusively Friday night, it is being called Brooklyn’s most confusing intersection. It’s so confusing some drivers think it’s OK to deal with it by breaking the law.
Red lights were ignored again and again on Friday at the intersection of Kings Highway and East 34th Street.
“They just come around and keep on going,” said Flatlands resident Eleanor Ortiz.
Neighbors in the area shared their videos with CBS 2, including one of an ice cream truck blowing the light and another of a driver so eager to run the light, Department of Transportation property was damaged in the process, Carlin reported.
Even a school bus was seen running a red light at the intersection.
Some drivers familiar with the area said you can break the law and not even know it since the multi-colored row of traffic lights can cause blurred lines.
“Even though the red light is for you, you’re also seeing the other light which is green. So you sometimes tend to ignore the red light even though it’s for you and focus on the green light which is visible to you, but not really for you,” said Flatlands resident Boris Siper.
Resident Simon Gifter said some of the red light runners know better, and are taking advantage of the confusion.
“I’m not talking yellow and then it turns red and maybe they’re just trying to make it. Clearly they pause for a few seconds, then look around and go right through it,” Gifter said.
A DOT spokeswoman said “Safety is DOT’s first priority. The agency is looking at the location to see if additional signage can enhance safety.”
Some neighbors also want a red light camera and better enforcement.

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