Saturday, May 11, 2013

New bathrooms rise in #Coney Island or a new home for E.T.

So what if E.T. really did become stranded on Earth and had no way to go home.  We couldn't expect him to survive in a homeless shelter or ride the Q train 24/7.  But suddenly these alien pods appeared on the Brighton Beach and Coney Island boardwalks. Talk about affordable housing for our E.T. friend.  At a mere $2 million dollars for each pod it's perfect.  He will have a ramp to shuffle up and down.  He can bathe in the ocean. Each one features skylights and extensive natural ventilation, with solar panels on their roofs to generate power. Our E.T. will live in luxury.
Alas,  these pods that come straight of The Lord of the Rings will not house our esteemed friend.  These structures are toilets complete with, I guess, the most sophisticated indoor plumbing system and built high off the ground to withstand the next storm surge which all weather futurists predict. Anyone doing their business here should sit in awe of the modern miracle. But if the ramp is too long I don't know if I will make it in time. And if the bathroom purpose doesn't work out as planned it can always be used to house surface-to-air missiles.

Morning rain didn't keep workers from getting the new bathrooms ready for the first flush.

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  1. it is $6 million per crapper not $2 million.
    $3 mil of which has probably ended up in someone's pocket. Mafia.