Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Citi Bike stations cause headaches for many New Yorkers

Gary Ormiston reacts to the Citi Bike stationsCiti Bike stations cause headaches for many New Yorkers

As the city works to get its bike share program going by the end of the month, some residents and small businesses are fed up with the rental stations popping up on their streets.

Thursday night, Community Board 2 in Manhattan will host a forum where residents can talk about how the racks being installed by the city Department of Transportation for Citi Bike are grinding their gears.

"They have to come up with something other than this," said Gary Ormiston, 62, who's annoyed that the city put up one of its 330 stations outside his West Village apartment building, adding that he wasn't notified.
A common complaint has been how much space the bike racks take up in front of apartment buildings

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