Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brooklyn Bridge jump narrowly averted

TENSE: Emergency Service cops standing on the Brooklyn Bridge, 275 feet above the river, try to talk down a suicidal man yesterday, as a chopper whizzes past (above).Brooklyn Bridge jump narrowly averted -

“He went up and the next thing you know, [15 minutes later] there’s three or four police going up after him,” said Cyquan Smith, 19, of Baychester.

Officers escorting the man down the support cables of the bridge. Credit: DCPINYPD Emergency Service Unit cops negotiated for around 40 minutes. as witnesses posted live updates to Twitter

“He was clearly in distress, stating he wanted to jump off the top of the bridge,” said Sgt. John Flynn, who said the man “wanted to talk to us about the problems that he was having.”

NYPD officers in dialogue with the male. Credit: DCPI

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