Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brooklyn Half Marathon 2013 – Date, Registration, Route Map

Brooklyn Half Marathon 2013 Click link for  more informaton.
2013 Brooklyn HalfMarathon photos down Ocean Parkway Click this link
Video of 2013 Brooklyn HalfMarathon down Ocean Parkway
We'd like runners to be aware that the storm surge from the Hurricane Sandy moved up from the beach to Avenue W and Ocean Parkway more than a mile from the ocean.  Many homes and businesses on both sides of Ocean Parkway including Coney Island Hospital suffered major damage and are just now getting back to some type of normalcy.  So when you pass Ocean Parkway and Avenue W you will now entering the Flood Zone and Evacuation Zone A.  Friends of Ocean Parkway wish the runners luck but please remember the pain that the residents of these neighborhoods experienced for many months.

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