Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bathroom break: Four sleek new Coney Island comfort stations on hold

The future is coming to Coney Island in the form of two  new bathroom modulars built high off the ground to meet new requirements near the beach. Bathroom break: Four sleek new Coney Island comfort stations on hold   - NY Daily News
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Coney Island beachgoers will have to hold it a little longer for four new sleek prefabricated bathrooms.
The nearly $2 million modernistic comfort stations set high off the ground were slated to be delivered from Berwick, Pennsylvania Thursday.
But those plans have suddenly been put on hold, a city Parks official said, declining to elaborate further.
“I do not have a new tentative date,” Parks Dept. spokesman Arthur Pincus said.
Brooklyn was slated to be the first borough to receive the futuristic comfort stations, which were going to replace bathrooms destroyed by Superstorm Sandy.
Citywide, 35 modular units will be installed at 17 locations at a total cost of $105 million, Pincus said.
The modulars will also include lifeguard stations and offices for parks security officers and staff.
The stations were welcomed by one of the city's biggest critics from the area.

But he questioned the quality of the modulars and how they'd fit in at the popular beach.
"We need to make sure what we are building is going to last. You can't build a project through trial and error at the public's expense," he said.
Parks officials are confident the prefabricated stations are solid.
They were built in by the Deluxe Building Systems Corp. with galvanized steel frames and are designed to handle extreme weather.
Once ready, the bathrooms will be delivered to the site on one piece, where they will be placed on top of concrete pilings. Each module is 15 feet wide and 12 feet high and 47 or 57 feet long--in order to stay within interstate shipping limits.
They will be moved to the beach on flatbed trucks where they will be set on the pilings by cranes.
They'll be located at W. 8th St., W. 2nd St, Brighton 2nd, and New Brighton, according to the city.
Last summer, nearly 11 million people raced to Coney Island Beach between Memorial Day and Labor Day, city records show.
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Update on this story from Sheepshead Bites

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  1. I believe that one installation may have been delayed as the concrete pilings hit bedrock while being installed. This was due to the fact that the project was rushed and no environmental impact study was conducted.