Saturday, May 11, 2013

NYC's New Bike Share Will Change Your Life

new york city nyc citi bike share stationNYC's New Bike Share Will Change Your Life - Business Insider


People who are visiting NYC and want to move around on the cheap — while still seeing the sights: Riding the subway is a quintessential New York experience, but it's not a good way to see the city.
If you have $25 to spare, get a week-long pass and spend your time in the Big Apple biking around, and be the tourist you want to be. Do keep your eyes on the road, though.

(Comment): Only the first 30 minutes are free for a week-long pass so any "sightseeing" over that time will be added to the tab.  Besides, do we really want tourists sightseeing with their noses in the air rather then paying attention to responsible cycling. Launching into NYC traffic requires that all your senses to be alert.

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