Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The ULYOP Acrobats

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United Lubavitch Yeshiva of  Ocean Parkway does it again, bringing a professional trainer to create a second to none acrobatics team for the students of ULYOP.  The yeshiva realizes that students need a good kosher outlet nowadays to strive and feel good about themselves. Returning to class they feel empowered and more focused then ever before.

The skills being taught to them by a real chossid with a life time of acrobatic experience, Amram Linkov Master of Sport of the USSR on sport acrobatics, Performer-acrobat of National Association of the State Circuses Russia, Recognition by the Board for confirmation of foreign coach,  Qualified coach on sport acrobatics in Israel, Gold medal winner of Republic, National and International Competitions, Member of Belarusian National Team on sport acrobatics, Coach on sport acrobatics in Gomel Sport Olympic School, Co- founder of The Israeli Circus School

Not only do they gain unparallel skills, a role model, they also learn discipline, team work and respect.

Parents exclaimed after last years program: “My son likes it very much, Thank you for bringing this program to the yeshiva.”

Other parent said: “I am so happy, this is exactly what my son needs.”.

“My son has another great thing to look forward to in his day B”H “

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