Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Season Ends

Signs on the Boardwalk give notice to visitors that the beach is closed and no lifeguards are on duty so swimming is prohibited.  Of course, it doesn't prevent a nice run or walk near the shoreline to cool off.  We are entering the best time for enjoying the beach and boardwalk.  Crowds are smaller, lines are shorter, but there still many things to enjoy as a committed boardwatcher
Empty tables are a rare sight outside of Nathan's.  No hotdogs at 7am.
Red flags warn beachgoers of riptides and swimming prohibition.  Many ignore the warnings.
Be careful where you walk.
Drinking fountains are bone dry after water is turned off.

Sadly my enjoyment of a cool drink during my walk ended when a young, thin, attractive, pony-tailed jogger leaned over the fountain for a swig, swished it around her mouth, and heartily spit her mouthful into the basin.  UGH!

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