Thursday, September 27, 2012

Residents trashing Ocean Parkway?

Day One
 The depositing of household garbage in the trash cans on the Ocean Parkway malls is a continuing problem.  Many of the trash cans that overflow are mostly filled  with household litter.  Sadly I suspect that the it is some residents on Ocean Parkway that are responsible for much of this mess   They may consider these trash cans their own private sanitation outlet for their own personal use and ignore the impact on the quality of life on the malls.  Or the twice a week garbage pick is not enough for them. 
Day Two

Here's my observation. If you look at the trash receptacles opposite apartment buildings you rarely see them full.  But the receptacles opposite private homes on the Parkway tend to accumulate the vast amounts of household garbage.  It is easy to spot household litter as you can see in the photos.  Even if the trash can is completely filled people keep adding to the pile. These are not soda cans or Dunkin Donut bags.  The garbage left at the foot of trash receptacles are plastic bags neatly tied by someone who planned to dispose of their personal  trash carried to the mall rather than put it in their own garbage cans. This is a selfish and unsanitary behavior on the part of these folks.    The MTA may have something in their approach to trash in the subways.  Eliminate the trash cans and  If there is nowhere to discard trash, riders will take it with them out of the station — I have to agree.  

The flagrant abuse of the trash cans on Ocean Parkway require a new approach.  Let's eliminate those cans that show large amounts of household garbage.  Just take the trash cans away from those locations where the abuse has been most egregious.  Avenue Y and Ocean Parkway is a prime example.  If a can wasn't available there would be no trash polluting the mall (which had just been renovated last year).   Trash cans should still remain at locations where there are eateries and other sources of fast food near such as Kings Highway.  But there is no reason to keep them on the mall opposite private homes if the residents don't accept their community responsibility of keeping their wonderful greenway clean and litter free for all.
Let's give the trash "raccoons" a surprise.  Eliminate their personal trash can. And when they sneak out at night toting a plastic bag of trash they will not find their favorite depository and hopefully carry it back to their own property for disposal in their own container. 

Hard to control illegal dumping but residents can control what they do with their own garbage.

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