Monday, September 3, 2012

Ocean Parkway gateway to the beach gets new tenant and new look

Brighton Beach To Lose Met Foods, Gain Fancy Development Targeting National Retailers

Where is the elevated subway?  Will the footprint be the same as before? The buildings on Ocean Pkwy from Brighton Beach Avenue to Seabreeze Avenue are nicely set back with landscaping.  There is no buffer between the sidewalk and the building as you can see in the photo.  It looks that the building may be too high profile to fit naturally in that corner.  The first photo shows how the modern building clashes with the existing architecture of the arch. The second photo is misleading since it doesn't include the Ocean Pkwy platform.  Won't the size of the building reduce the amount of light that is already lacking in that area.  This may be a corner where a real modern facade won't work. Just a few observations but it looks like a poor fit and should be redesigned

Took a walk to the location this morning and saw that the large mural that faces the boardwalk will now be blocked by the new building.  See their drawing above and here is a photo of what will will be hidden. When will this project be presented to the community board?  This design should be voted down.  We should expect a design that integrates well with the existing structures and keeps the symmetry of that corner in a visually pleasing way.

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