Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ocean Parkway Bike Ride Video

videoThe following videos of a bicycle ride down and up Ocean Parkway was shot and compiled for Friends of Ocean Parkway, by cycling enthusiast Lenny Markh who often travels the bike path route and is familiar with the issues that confront riders as they make their way up and down the greenway.
The ride is comprised of 12 separate videos that are broken down into several blocks in each segment.  Lenny adds his own real time commentary to his ride which provides a fresh,candid and sometimes funny look at the challenges that riders regularly face with path hazards, intersections, other riders, and the many walkers who insist on using the bike lane instead of the pedestrian path.  Here is the order and location of the videos shot as Lenny headed down to the Boardwalk and crossed over the the east mall for the return trip.
1. A very short clip heading north to the start point at Avenue N,
2.Avenue N to Avenue O (the new improved path) and the old path from Avenue O to Avenue P.
3.Avenue P to Kings Highway.
4.Kings Highway to Avenue T
5. Avenue T to Avenue Y (poorest road conditions to Avenue X)
6. Avenue Y to Avenue Z (the newest and best road conditions)
7. Avenue Z to Belt Parkway East Service Road
8. Belt Parkway East Service Road to Neptune Avenue
9. Neptune Avenue to Seabreeze Avenue
10. East Mall going north-Brighton Beach Avenue to Belt Parkway East Service Road
11. Belt Parkway East Service Road to Avenue Y
12. Avenue Y to Avenue W

The videos will run consecutively but if you go to the bottom bar on the video and select playlist you can select the video clip that you want to play.

Lenny hopes to add more trip videos to complete the full cycle of the Ocean Parkway bike path.  We thank him creating this video log.

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