Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Images of Ocean Parkway North

A  short but charming row of brownstones on the corner of Cortelyou Road
Are these brownstones the vestiges of a greater presence on these blocks.
Cyclist ignores clear sign not to bike here. But where to go?
There was a talking point that cyclists would cross Church Avenue and continue for one block to
Beverley Road where they would cross to the west side and pick up the bike path.  But the installation of benches and chess tables eliminated that option.

Sign on Church Avenue warns cyclists but no arrow
 to direct them across Ocean Parkway to continue their  journey.
The start of the Ocean Parkway bike path ends at Brighton Beach.
Bike and Pedestrian path merge approaching Church Avenue
The road to Prospect Park

Cyclists cross Church Avenue here and then must cross Ocean Parkway on
the corner to reach the bike path. 
This path is for bicyclists to and from Prospect Park
Approaching Church Avenue and Ocean Parkway

Chess tables dot the east mall
The pedestrian only east mall with "No Bicycling Sign"
It would be better if the sign would point the cyclists in the right direction.
Looking south towards Cortelyou Road
A canopy of trees provide shade on a hot day

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Cold water on a hot day

Going to Friday prayer services
This old sign lays out rules of play on the east mall.

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