Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rules of Play#2-East Mall

New benches and trees line the east mall.  Unfortunately the work on this side of Ocean Parkway is only half done.  Avenue O to the Boardwalk is still left to be completed.
Rider ignores a very clear warning on the path decal not to ride bikes here.  
Bike riding is not permitted on the east mall.
More open space on the east side.  Safe for those who want to walk, jog or push strollers.
Walk bike on the east mall or ride on the bike path on the other side.
Rider waits...but not for the light to turn; but to check if the coast is clear.
 The old "Pause then Pedal" move.
A double violation.  Riding against the light on the east path..  

Plenty of room for two strollers and a conversation
Such a shame that the makeover of the east mall is on hold.  Project needs a push.  

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