Wednesday, August 22, 2012

40 years ago today: A robbery gone bad, a magazine story and the iconic movie "Dog Day Afternoon"

A bank building on the corner of a city street. A car can be seen parked out front and a traffic light is located on the sidewalk in front of the building. Other buildings can be seen in the background.
40 years ago a failed robbery led to one of the most dramatic events
 in Brooklyn's history.
The location of the actual event, 450 Avenue P, Brooklyn, New York (1975 photo) 
Forty years today ago a botched robbery at the Chase Manhattan Bank on the corner of Avenue P and East 3 street inspired a Life Magazine article which in turn led to production of the briliant movie "Dog Day Afternoon" directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Al Pacino.
The same bank building still stands today but there are few who pass by and remember what happened here in 1972.  Today he dilapidated, grafitti scarred building sits forlornly waiting for a new tenant on this busy commercial street that connects Bensonhurst to Gravesend.  Forty years ago it connected this quiet corner to the world.

450 Avenue P today (2012)

Read the Life Magazine article here
======>LIFE - Google Books
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