Sunday, February 9, 2014

You car speed can trigger a selfie-Speed camera on Ocean Parkway

We all knew they were coming but what do they actually look like? Found one on Ocean Parkway and Avenue U today.  It's the Speed Camera. Didn't get a chance to check out all of the 5 mile Ocean Parkway route for any others but this was the only one from Avenue Z to Avenue far.

So if you want to get a close up view come down to Gravesend.  And if you're driving it will get a nice close-up of view of you if you are caught going 10 miles over the 30 mph speed limit.  But drive smart and safe by keeping at the 30 mph speed limit for Ocean Parkway.  Don't know if that will be reduced in the future but Ocean Parkway has been getting quite  a lot of attention lately.
My question is the choice of locations to install these cameras.  Inmy Facebook post (Sept, 1, 2013) I questioned an earlier study regarding this possible location.  I highlighted that post so it is pinned to the top of The View from Ocean Parkway timeline.

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