Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Developer Is Mourned and Vilified in Brooklyn.

A Developer Is Mourned and Vilified in Brooklyn -

“He was a person who was always giving, he was a community person,” added Mr. Schlesinger, who was a neighbor of Mr. Stark’s for several years. “It didn’t matter which organization, where you belonged.” Though the ultra-Orthodox Jewish population of south Williamsburg is divided between two Satmar sub-sects, the Aroynem and Zaloynim, Mr. Stark gave generously to both groups, Mr. Schlesinger said.

But the developer, who often went by Max, had become a lightning rod for fuming tenants and neighborhood activists across north Brooklyn, where Mr. Stark had owned more than a dozen residential properties. Such dealings landed Mr. Stark on the cover of The New York Post on Sunday, with the headline “Who didn’t want him dead?”

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