Monday, October 15, 2012

In search for the bike path on Church Avenue

Many riders down Ocean Parkway work their way down through Prospect Park that provides the most direct route to the Ocean Pkwy greenway.  But if you are unfamiliar with the territory it can be quite confusing as you exit from the path onto the Church Avenue/Ocean Parkway intersection.  Following the path works only as far as getting to the other side of Church.  Then what?  Here is where the Parks Department and Department of Transportation need to work together to provide improved and logical signage for a seamless route to the southbound bike path on the west mall.  The following photos illustrate the obstacles that riders face to continue on a safe and enjoyable journey.
Path from Prospect Park opens onto busy Church Avenue.
Looks like the path continues down the east mall but...

...riders confront No Bicycling sign.  Now what???
View from the east mall.
What cyclists see after they cross Church Avenue.
You need sharp eyes to find the sign across the way.
 No signs on this side to direct cyclists to cross here.
Sign looks pretty visible,  Not!
Can the bike path sign be any more confusing? Walk? Where? Why?

Bike smart even if you do have the right of way.
Crossing eight lanes of traffic to get to the other side.
Cyclist attempts to cross over on north side of Church Avenue.  
Cars often get caught in the crosswalk to avoid setting off red light camera
View from the west mall.  Don't expect any consideration from drivers.
Heading towards Prospect Park across Church Avenue.
The 30 mph limit ends upon entering
 the entrance to the Prospect Expressway.
For many it ended  many blocks  earlier.

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