Friday, October 12, 2012

Motorcyclists want free parking at muni meters

 Queens Councilman Peter Vallone, above, and State Assemblyman Michael DenDekker, not pictured, held a press conference in support of motorcycle parking legislation at Queens Borough Hall
Motorcyclists -- including some Queens politicans -- are revving mad over ‘unfair’ parking tickets  - NY Daily News

Rebel without a parking ticket?
City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. (D-Astoria), an avid Harley-Davidson rider, is pushing for legislation that would make motorcycle parking free throughout the five boroughs.
“We get tickets a lot,” Vallone said of motorcylists in front of Queens Borough Hall on Thursday. “That is unfair.”
The Councilman, flanked by state Assemblyman Michael DenDekker (D-Jackson Heights) and fellow riders, said the biggest issue facing bikers are muni-meters.
“There is no way for a motorcycle rider to affix a muni-meter (receipt) to their bike in a way that it won’t blow away and it won’t be stolen,” Vallone said.
DenDekker, a fellow motorcyclist, said after 34 years of riding he received his first $65 parking fine last week, due to what he sees as a faulty system.
“I received a ticket for failure to display a muni-meter receipt,” he said. “I did not buy one because I didn’t have any place to put it. There’s no place on my motorcycle that I can attach this little piece of paper.”

DenDekker said making parking free for some 38,000 motorcyclists in New York City would put the brakes on the problem while being an environmentally sound move.
He said motorcycles generate less pollution, need little space and use minimal gas.
“It would be a great idea to encourage other alternate forms of transportation like we’re doing right now with bicycles,” DenDekker said. “We also need to do that with motorcycles.”
American Brotherhood Motorcycle Club president John Cartier, 44, of Astoria, said bicyclists get help from the city, while motorcyclists don’t.
“The bicyclists get miles of bike lanes,” he said. “We pay $42.50 in registration fees and pay our taxes, too. We make our contribution and we’re not getting anything back. We just want a level of equality.”
A spokesman for the city Department of Transportation recommended motorcycle riders use clear plastic holders to attach parking meter receipts, as specified on the agency’s website, but did not elaborate.
“We generally do not comment on proposed legislation unless it comes to a hearing,” the spokesman said.
Joe Sessa, 57, a butcher from College Point and director of New York City Harley Owners Group, said the parking situation in the city is only getting worse.
“It’s a real pain in the neck,” he said. “It’s a constant worry. I just hope that they pass this legislation.”

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