Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of line for horse-drawn carriages in NYC?

Wouldn't it be cool to have these carriages sharing the bike path with our biking friends?  

End of line for horse-drawn carriages in NYC? - New York News (click link for video)

Some tourists just love New York City's horses that draw the Victorian-style carriages. During the holiday season a steady stream of tourists takes the expensive, but iconic horse carriage ride through Central Park.But probably not for long. Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio reiterated his position on what he calls animal cruelty. He said his administration will shut down the industry.
Some tourists we spoke to seem dismayed.
But animal-rights activists, who backed candidate de Blasio for mayor, are overjoyed.
When de Blasio becomes mayor Wednesday he cannot declare horse carriage rides illegal. But a bill is before the City Council. If the council passes the bill and de Blasio signs it, it could close down the horse carriage industry.
Carriage drivers and owners made a public request of the new mayor: come meet with us and the horses and see where they live and how they are treated.
No word from the de Blasio camp. The mayor-elect has suggested that old-style electric cars could replace the carriages. That would mean no pollution and no horses.

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