Monday, November 18, 2013

$130.3M Powerball jackpot won at Brighton Beach bakery

$130.3M Powerball jackpot won at Brighton Beach bakery$130.3M Powerball jackpot won at Brighton Beach bakery | New York Post

A lottery player who regularly buys tickets at a Brighton Beach bakery is rolling in the dough after winning Saturday’s $130.3 million Powerball jackpot, The Post has learned.
The sole winning ticket was sold at Rocco’s Bakery and Deli, where the manager said Monday that he was overjoyed after a state lottery official called with the news.
“I’m doing cartwheels in the store. I was thinking about the money and getting some orders wrong,” said Salah Al-Sulaimani, 33.
“The publicity is going to bring in a lot of business, a lot of people here. We’ll probably need another lottery machine.”
Al-Sulaimani — whose store gets a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket — wouldn’t identify the lucky customer.
But sources familiar with the sale said it was a woman who’s a “regular” player and who plunked down about $50 on “quick pick” tickets for the Saturday drawing.
The New York State Gaming Commission said the holder of the “life-changing ticket” hadn’t yet come forward.
If taken in a lump sum, the prize will be worth $73.4 million, or $45.7 million after taxes to a New York City resident, commission spokeswoman Carolyn Hapeman said.
If taken as an annuity, the $130.3 million would be spread out over 30 annual payments, with the amount increasing 4 percent a year, Hapeman said.

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