Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jeffrey Babbitt Remembered By Friends In Union Square » Sheepshead Bay News Blog

Babbitt remembered by his friends at Gothic Renaissance (Source: Gothic Renaissance via Facebook) Jeffrey Babbitt Remembered By Friends In Union Square » Sheepshead Bay News Blog (full article)

It has been 10 days since the tragic death of Jeffrey Babbitt, a local Sheepshead Bay man killed at the hands of a deranged homeless man in Union Square. While a private funeral was held in Beth El Cemetery in Paramus, NJ, the New York Times noted that Babbitt was also remembered by his friends who shared his love of comic books, fairies and all things fantastical in Union Square in a beautiful public display of love and remembrance.
As we previously reported, the attack on Babbitt took place on September 4. The 62-year-old Babbitt was a retired train operator who frequented Union Square often to visit his friends at the Forbidden Planet comic book store, where he was a beloved regular. Tragedy struck when 31-year-old Lashawn Marten announced to the crowded park that he was going to attack the first white person he saw. Babbitt just happened to be walking by when he received a blow from Marten that crashed him to the ground, cracking his skull and effectively ceasing his brain activity. Babbitt subsequently died at Bellevue Hospital, leaving behind his 94-year-old mother Lucille, who he cared for in their Sheepshead Bay apartment located on Ocean Avenue.

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