Monday, July 16, 2012

a ride down ocean parkway

Came across this cool video on YouTube. Our rider seems to have used one of those video camera on the helmet devices which gives us a great view of his/her ride down Ocean Parkway.  The start of the video is just south of Avenue P and continues just north of Avenue S.  There is a subsequent video that I will post that takes us further down the parkway.
What this short video shows is the danger bike riders face in trying to cross the avenue intersections even though they have the right of way.
At Kings Highway two vehicles block the bike lane so fully there is little room to swing around.  The safe choice is to swing around behind the cars.  I don't recommend this rider's choice of passing the cars from the front. Too dangerous to be that close to the main road but our rider maneuvers deftly around without losing a beat.  A slight movement of the cars however could send  the rider into the parkway traffic.  Please pass from behind or just wait.  But this clip is a great illustration of the hazards that bikers still face on a fairly enjoyable ride down the path.
Oh....the rider did cross against the red signal on Quentin Road after checking our the cross traffic.Not recommended.
The riding path pictured the video is still yet to be repaved and the mall renovated.
My thanks to the creator of these videos.

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