Monday, July 23, 2012

Bicyclists Using Cameras to Capture Accidents

Bicyclists Using Cameras to Capture Accidents -
These cameras may be a two-edged sword when it will also show cyclists going through stop signs and red lights.
Yesterday I was returning form my walk to the Boardwalk and I was crossing Neptune Avenue at Ocean Parkway.  I had the walk signal. As I was about to step up to the curb I felt a whoosh behind me that forced me to turn around.  A cyclist had just sped past the cars on Neptune Avenue waiting for the light to turn to cross Ocean Parkway without even a pause crossed six lanes of traffic, two malls, and two service roads against a steady red signal without so much as a pause.  This bravado is happening too often when cyclists feel that they have an equal share of the road but are unwilling to obey the same traffic laws as motorists.  And I am a bike rider who uses OP every day.  In the game of chicken with tons of steel the cyclist will lose.

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