Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ocean Parkway Bike Path south of the Belt Parkway

The video starts just south of the Belt Parkway as the rider is passing Lincoln High School. The first intersection can be problematic because of the traffic entering from the right.  Notice that the cyclist turns his head to see if there is any traffic entering the access road to the main road.  The yield sign on a light pole is old and inadequate to warn drivers on the service road to yield to pedestrians/cyclists crossing.
The condition of the path outside Lincoln is fair.  It is due for an upgrade.  Be prepared for pedestrians on this section since there is no separate pedestrian path. After the next intesection the path divides again. Notice that the cyclist does the "pause and pedal" move which he/she slows down just enough to check for any cars entering that intersection.  When satisfied that his way is clear he blows through the red light. I especailly like the quick head turn to check out the traffic.
What happens next at the Neptune Avenue intersection is an excellent teachable moment.  Only buses are permitted to make a right turn from the main road onto Neptune Avenue.  Yet, this Access-a-ride joker makes the illegal turn right in front of the cyclist.  At the same time a car is making a left turn onto Neptune Avenue and will proceed to completely block the bike path totally oblivious to the oncoming cyclist. Remember he is permitted to stop at that location even though he is blocking the bike and pedestrian paths.  The cyclist makes a wise decision to pass him from behind.
The access road to the service road comes up next.  This intersection is one of several on Ocean Parkway that doesn't have a yield to pedestrian sign for the OP traffic who want to enter this road.  The cyclist must his head almost completely around to see if any cars are entering this road.  The signage at this location is totally inadequate and the DOT has been informed about this issue. The cyclist proceeds when no traffic is observed.
Once again at the next intersection, Oceanview Avenue, a car blocks the path.  Unlike the previous instance the cyclist chooses to pass the car from the front.  Not recommended.
The video ends just at the good part.  Because we are coming up to the final leg of the journey to the Boardwalk. I contacted the person who made the video to see if he would add the final piece of the trip and the first part of the ride from Prospect Park getting to Ocean Parkway.  I hope so unless anyone else wants to volunteer.

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